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 Sunday, September 15

         9:30 am– Worship

         10:30 am– Rally Day

         10:45 am– Sunday School

         1:00 pm– Burmese Worship

Monday, September 16

         Community Meals

         4:30 pm– Getting Ahead

         4:30 pm– Trustees Mtg.

         7:00 pm– Dyslexia Support Group

Tuesday, September 17

         10:00 am– Staff Mtg.

         6:30 pm– Neighborhood Association Mtg.

Wednesday, September 18

         9:00 am– Workshop for Others

         10:00 am– CPPC, Agency Sharing

         5:00 pm– Dinner with Neighbors

         5:45 pm– Golden Bell Rehearsal

         6:00 pm– Parent Partners

         7:00 pm– Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, September 19

        10:00 am– CPPC

        4:30 pm– Getting Ahead

        6:30 pm– Ad Team Mtg.

Friday, September 20

        10:00 am– Nest

        6:00 pm– Burmese Bible Study

Saturday, September 21

        8:00 am– United Methodist Men at Ansborough HyVee

        6:00 pm– Burmese Band Practice

Sunday, September 22

         9:30 am– Worship

        10:30 am– Fellowship

        10:45 am– Sunday School

        1:00 pm– Karen Worship & Sunday School