Music Director (Part Time)

Waterloo First is seeking a music director to lead and develop church music programs. If you have any questions about the job description, please contact Waterloo First UMC at or call 319-235-7088

Waterloo First United Methodist Church Music Director Job Description

A. Field

1. Music - Chancel Choir, Bell Choir

B. Responsible to

1. Senior Pastor

2. Staff Parish Relations Committee/Administrative Team

C. Duties

  1. Lead and develop the Chancel Choir
  2. Lead and develop the Bell Choir
  3. Select appropriate choir anthems for Sunday worship
  4. Select and secure special music/soloists for seasonal and special services
  5. Maintain music library
  6. Work in consultation with church organist and pianist

D. Work Schedule

  1. Choir and Bell Choir practice and perform from the end of August to the end of May
  2. Weekly rehearsals on Wednesday nights
  3. Sunday performances (Worship begins at 9:30 am)
  4. Special Services during Lent and Advent, including Advent choir cantata

E. Vacation and Illness

  1. Vacations must be scheduled in consultation with church staff
  2. Director will plan and provide for substitutions

F. Termination Clause/Voluntary Employment

All salaried employees of Waterloo First United Methodist Church are advised that this agreement may be terminated by either party, providing written notice is given two weeks (14 days) poor to the date of termination

G. Review Clause

Employees of Waterloo First United Methodist Church are subject to annual performance reviews.

H. Salary

The Staff Parish Relations Committee, in consultation with the Finance Committee and Administrative Team, determine salaries