Waterloo First is a community of faith that is committed to following Christ as we love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Waterloo First is a congregation of the United Methodist Church and as you look around this site you'll get a feel for our church. We hope you can join us in person so we can get to know you too! We have a rich history in the Cedar Valley community, having been the first church formed by the founders of the city of Waterloo. On Sunday mornings, some of us wear suits and dresses, others of us wear jeans or shorts. No matter how you show up, you can know that none of us are perfect, but with God we believe that anything is possible.

About First

You are welcome here. No matter what.

In the United Methodist Church, we believe that every person is sacred and valuable. We believe that everyone is created in the image of God and that we are all loved by Christ. Every Sunday, we want to celebrate that love and grace with creativity and hope and we want to invite you to experience this good news with your mind and your heart. We hope that when you worship at Waterloo First, you'll find the hope, love and joy that comes from a community that is following Jesus together. 

At Waterloo First, you can come as you are. For some that means wearing a dress or a suit, for others, that means shorts and a t-shirt. At Waterloo First, you can expect to be welcomed to a traditional service, even with organ music most Sundays, but a relaxed and relevant service that brings our faith to life. You can expect to find a staffed nursery to take care of your kids, and you can expect to hear some kids crawl and cry around the church because your kids are always welcome in worship too.

At Waterloo First, you can expect to find grace and peace, because that's what Jesus expects us to give to one another.

Are you searching for hope and seeking answers? Do you need a friend to support you through life’s challenges?  Want to give back to your community?  Wherever you are coming from, whatever you are looking for, you are welcome at Waterloo First UMC. 


Worship is central to our identity as a church. Every Sunday we gather at 9:30am to celebrate what God is doing in our lives, to join with one another in prayer, and to deepen our faith in God and commitment to Christ. Worship at Waterloo First is traditional, yet casual. We celebrate the traditions of our faith as we make them relevant to our lives today. Some come to church in suits, others in jeans, and we encourage you to come as you are.

Get Connected

There are many ways that you can get connected at Waterloo First UMC. From small groups to choir, from Sunday School classes for adults and kids of all ages, to volunteer opportunities and more, there is something for you at Waterloo First. You can learn all about what is going on at Waterloo First by reading our monthly newsletter.

Our Mission

Reaching out to the community to provide a place for spiritual growth through a caring, inviting environment.