Support Waterloo First UMC while you shop.

More than 50,000 organizations have used gift cards to turn everyday shopping into earnings-- and Waterloo First is one of them. Pay with gift cards to offset the costs of our church.  

  • Buy gift cards at face value
  • Earn rebates up to 20%
  • Use gift cards for everyday shopping

Shop 750+ brands

Use E-gift cards and physical gift cards, and earn on gas, clothing, groceries, eating out--the list goes on.  It's easy, it's rewarding, and it fits right into your busy schedule.

To understand the concept, view this video

There are two ways to order your cards:

1. Go directly to the website and establish an account, you will need an enrollment code. Please contact Sally to get the code. Connect your bank account to your account and you are ready to order. It's possible to set this up on your smart phone so you can order E-cards as you need them.  Physical cards take longer to receive because there is shipping involved.

2. Order from the church.  Use this order form and turn your order into the church office.  Contact Sally Thurman or Emily Forssberg